“BEST COFFEE IN TOWN” – antuanlove

“El cafe de la taza negra es excellente!” – Rosa Ross


  1. This place is delightful! The coffee is fresh roasted daily and Alejandro really knows what he is doing . I personally prefer the medium (City) roast. They also have the best sticky buns, cinnamon rolls and baked treats this side of Vienna. (Get there early before they run out.) Order something, sit down and enjoy!

  2. I am so mad at myself!!! Why did I only bring this puny bag of your dark roast home? Why? Waaaaaaa – I am crying into my last cup – I will miss it so much. It is the best and most delicious coffee I have had, my Nuova Simonelli machine at home has been happily churning out the tastiest beautiful espresso with a pleasing crema each morning, filling me with memories of my holiday in La Manzanilla…… and now…. I am stunned, as I gently fold this empty little brown bag, and I can’t believe there is not one bean left. What am I going to do?

    1. Ha ha! So sorry that you’re out of coffee, Josie! But really glad that you enjoy it so much! Hope to see you soon around these parts!

  3. After a LONG HOT summer our coffee world is back in balance. Ben is roasting once again to perfection. The Dark Roast is one of the most perfect you will ever find. Anywhere! Our morning cappuccinos are once again rich with ‘crema’ and the evening after dinner espresso (last night with fresh Blueberry Buckle) are deep and rich! Thanks Ben. Cafe opens on the 19th. Be there. Have a great season!

  4. Have just returned to B.C. after spending two months
    in Melaque. We found La Taza Negro last year but
    were thrilled to find it much closer to our hotel this
    year. We looked forward to super baked goods as well
    as wonderful lattes and coffees and visited on a regular
    basis for our two month stay. A great meeting place
    and Alexa and Ben are so friendly and their little
    ones a joy! A must visit place in paradise!

  5. We are so thrilled to go and enjoy your coffee and bakings at La Taza Negra.
    We already know is good as it comes from good people too.

    Keep up the good work and the best for all you!

  6. Easily and by no small margin the best coffee I encountered in Mexico. As a coffee snob and americano addict I would recommend this place to anyone who appreciates good coffee. The staff are also very friendly and personable with a clear dedication to their craft. A truly serendipitous find during my vacation.

  7. As an avid dessert consumer…. I have to say… the baked goods from La Taza Negra are such a delight to taste. It is a joy that they have opened their home for all to enjoy with their the wonderful beverages and coffees that they provide. They are conveniently located close to us which is wonderful for all our Boutique Hotel guests. We love hearing from our guests that they enjoy their experience at the coffee shop so much… that it gives us pleasure to recommend La Taza Negra (The Black Cup). ….. oh and What ever you do… do not miss out on the wonderful brunch that they put on…. HEALTHY IS GREAT!

  8. Easily the best coffee in Melaque. A life saver for the travelling coffee drinker. Very warm and personable staff that truly take pride in their craft. The coffee is roasted in house and ground as demanded. Pretty much the only place in town who know how to use an espresso machine as far as I can tell.

  9. Great people! Amazing coffee! We enjoyed our brief stay in Melaque, but the highlight was the best coffee of our entire motorcycle tour of Mexico. Brewed our first pot of expresso back in Hualtulco this morning with the beans from Oaxaca that we purchased at the Taza Negra – we will savor these beans. Mil gracias to Ben, Kyle and their wives.

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